Monday, November 14, 2005

Female Iraqi suicide bomber describes her failure

There are moments when watching the news when I am just dumbfounded. Wondering just how the world got to be so crazy. It happens when I hear of how pedophiles work or how they have eluded being caught after years of abusing children. It comes to me when I hear of babies being dicarded in trash cans by seemingly aware eighteen year olds. I have the same incrudulity when I wonder of the mental makeup of a mass murder. This weekend I heard some of the report of the woman who spoke of her bomb not going off to match her husbands in a crowded wedding party in Jordan.

These good folks not only strapped explosives to their bodies but included a large amount of ball bearing to increase the death and devastation that would be blasted upon the unsuspecting wedding revelers. They dressed in their western best to blend in and gain access. Women and children where known to be in the room. Like that matters. What if were just 300 men would it make it any less ruthless and unimaginable. Regardless of the political manifestations what kind of mindset would one have to have to spend weeks getting "ready" for such a inhumane and evil event. To walk into a room and know you are going to kill the people around you is not in my mindset. These people do not believe in a God that I understand at all.

War is crazy. War is hell. But this is not war this is murder. Plain and simple. To give any credence to this kind of act is beyond the pale of any reasonable human being, period. It is time good people speak.

I am pleased to see the people of Jordan marching to say that this is not the way Muslims should behave. That this is not the way the faith of Mohammed should function and that others have hijacked this religion. Where is the indignation at these behaviors from the rest of the faithful of Islam. The inhumanity has got to be apparent. Or is it only when it happens in a Radisson in their country. It is time for the faithful of all faiths to begin to repudiate this kind of inhumanity. To tell the Palestinians to start to farm and feed their families rather than get young men and women to strap bombs upon themselves and kill. Just time for this madness to stop.

I am told repeatedly that Islam is not a faith of killing and death. Then it is time for those whose faith is being hijacked to speak and clarify just what kind of people they believe are doing such things. Are these bombers victims of a repressive western regime or are they mass murderers who are evil?


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