Friday, April 18, 2008

Clinton Meets Dukakis

I have wondered when it would finally catch, when the rock in the shoe would start to make one uncomfortable, when would the antics of the Clinton-OBama campaign might affect Americans. The media "come to Jesus" time for Michael Dukakis in 1988 was his quite attractive and ludicrous look inside a tank. This photograph would never had taken place unless there were voters some counselor believed would be impressed. For Dukakis it had the opposite affect.

Hillary had made one of the great blunders of an election. She has put on the cap of an election lie and someone took a picture. Hillary's "CTJ" seems to have been on a tarmac in Bosnia years ago. The memory of this event that had slipped in the repressed collective conscienousness of reporters who covered Clinton "The First Lady". Traditionally these reporters had been offered news events from Hillary that where quite simular to previous First Ladies which usually included visiting Hospitals, opening schools, developing reading and nature programs. These events most certainly where and are under the radar of the hard core newsies of Washington.'

Yet, even these news brokers when it was reported Hillary dodged bullets in Bosnia scrambled for the video tape to recover their lost memories of that event. When they viewed the videotape clearly it did not seem to match the rhetoric of the candidate. When the footage was run it was clear Hillary had misunderstood her own memories. A rare plight for the woman who is suppose to be the smartest woman in the world. Fact is her memory was selective.

With Dukakis it was the inconsistency of his political positions with the frivolity of the picture. For Hillary it is the rhetoric of being the "smartest woman in America" and stretching the truth-telling a lie. The question is where else is this practice used in her campaign. Doubts emerge, newsies talk. "My gosh, I have heard she stretches the truth. We might need to look into some of the things she says"!

It confirms the thoughts that others have voiced about Hillary, mainly that she will re-write her history to emphaisize what she wants others to think about her. That she is just another political hack. Now the Newsies have noticed!


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