Saturday, November 19, 2005

When is a Woodward not a National Hero??

A movie with Robert Redford playing the handsome, brave and risk taking hero was the first that I can remember having a face to Bob Woodward. He was the hero! Everyone knew he a white hat somewhere. We never saw it because the newrooms of Washington don't allow such Texas type attire then or even more in 2005. A few months ago the news came out about who was deep throat, the secret hero lurking in the parking garages of Washington D. C.. A sworn to follow and obey the law FBI executive who purported never had any desire to wear women's clothing but did want to run the FBI. For some reason, maybe like he never got the job from Richard Nixon, he decided to break the law and leak highly classified information to the boys at the Washington Post.

"All the President's Men" was great movie with lots of newsroom drama. It was about the thugs who worked for Nixon and not the news guys and Felt who were breaking the law as well. No wonder Woodward and Bernstein kept Felt "undercover" he might have gone to jail. Remember he was prosecuted soon after anyway. No one seemed to care then or last summer that leaking was against the law. Least of all Woodward who listened to Felt share classified information without the knowledge of his department. Yet, he may be in hot water because he was listening to White House or FBI or Cia leaks the very same thing that created his heroic status as a medial darling. Unaccustomed as he might be to leak it may shock him to realize that some folks have lost there jobs and may go to jail for such behavior. Mark Felt was deep throat and some have called him a traitor. They really dont' count because they are Republicans from that era who thought that leaking classified material while on the payroll of a an official department is against the law.

Mr. Woodward may very well feel the 30 year old effects of his journalistic legacy applied to himself. I can almost feel the feeding frenzie. Some Washington Post staffers already have sprung. Woodward doesn't have to go to meetings like they do. Uh-oh, nothing a good reporter likes better than fighting agains the "big dog" on the block. This should be interesting.


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