Monday, September 01, 2008

Advantage McCain

She rocks!

Several weeks ago I heard Bill Crystal mention Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska as a possible running mate for John McCain. all good political junkies I googled my way through Sarah's life. is a mother of five, a very successful Governor who has an approval rating in Alaska in the 60% level., a seemingly quite happy marriage to Iditarod snowmobile Champion and a veteran of 15 years of racing (the Ironman of Alaska) By the way they call him the "First Dude". Sarah Palin is all of that and more as my 19 year old said.

Just wait the liberal bloggers are going after this young woman as you have never seen. Sarah Palin is not the woman who married a political genius who first was the Governor of Alaska. SHE was the Governor of Alaska while her hubby stayed home to race, hunt, fish and watch the kids. Listen, I would do it for Sarah as well....I've seen the bio photos just like you. She Rocks!

Sarah Palin can stand on her own two feet and that is going to aggravate liberal types to the core. "Did you know her husband worked for an oil company". Unfortunately, in Alaska that is NOT a bad thing. But, certainly in the minds of a liberal who has no concept of the need, the neccessity and the importance of energy companies he will be demonized.

Did you know she is a moral reformer who has taken on everyone including the Republican party in Alaska. As one 60 minutes commentator used to say...."I like that". What is missing in politics is honesty. Pelosi cannot tell the truth through her caps. Clinton....well, Bill is an embarrasment and I just feel sorry for Hillary. But if she had not been married to Bill where would she be today. A successful corporate lawyer in Illinois making the big land deals she is famous for. Biden...and Republicans are just as politically vexing as the Dems.

It is true that people do not vote for VP but it does say a lot about a candidate who their choice is. Kennedy picked LBJ for one reason without Texas he would lose and LBJ could deliver Texas. By the way, without some very unscrupulous voting shennanigans in Chicago by Mayor Daley Kennedy would have lost and Nixon would have been President. Reagan picked Bush because he was a moderate to dispell the Barry Goldwater rap that had been bestowed upon him. Gore was the Son of a Democratic hardliner and Clinton needed some mileage from the insiders. Each choice is different.

This one is about where does the future of the Republican party go? Sarah Palin is the face of that party. She is the woman who can handle her own. She can touch all of the bases politically and personally. She is the right to lifer who KEEPS the baby herself and helps her daughter do the same. She lives in the real world. She Rocks! I say....she is all of that too!


Blogger goooooood girl said...

Very good......

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Blogger Rorschach said...

Didn't work out so well for us in the end... =\

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