Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The old Joe is back

One would think the prodigal son had returned the way the Conservative media is speaking about Senator Joe Lieberman of Conneticut. Granted he is the first Democratic Senator to speak with some cogency concerning Iraq and it future. I felt rather good about Joe up to the Gore/Lieberman run in 2000. I had found Joe to be a solid thinker and someone who had the capability to be reasonable. Then he drank some of the Gore/Clinton cool aid and he was gone. Well since of his return from Iraq, Joe is back. This morning the Senator was squaring off against The I Man on national radio and publishing his very positive thoughts about Iraq....

"The country is now in reach of going from Saddam Hussein to self-government and, I'd add, self-protection," the Connecticut Democrat said in a conference call with reporters. "That would be a remarkable transformation ... I saw real progress there

U.S. military officials told him they hope that by next year, two-thirds of Iraq's military will be able to carry the fight to insurgents with limited logistical support from U.S. forces. Lieberman said U.S. commanders had learned from their early mistakes and were successfully pursuing a "clear-hold-build" strategy against rebel forces. He cautioned, however, that "prematurely" pulling out U.S. forces would jeopardize the progress made thus far. The senator said he ate three Thanksgiving meals at different bases visiting with troops, including about 50 soldiers from Connecticut. "They look good, they're proud of what they're doing and of course they're anxious to get home, but they know they have a job to do," said Lieberman.

All of this flying in the face of the current rant being shouted from the likes of Joe Biden and others who want the White House back in 2008. What is refreshing is that instead of getting some data and taking a Howard Dean spinorama with it. Good ole Joe can report some honesty and hard work is paying off. Time to kill the fatted calf.


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