Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Legal Mindbending at its best

This last weekend I was the Proud Father of a talented wrestler who had worked his way through Metro, District and now a Regional tournament hoping to qualify for the Florida State Tournament to be wrestled this weekend. It was the culmination of two years of hard work and his and my experience was shared by countless sons and parents throughout the gymnasium for two days. Four very strong, determined and talented athletes will go to the State Tournament while my Son and I eagerly watch these talented kids in the stands. He lost but showed well and did his best. Fortunately, he has two more years to grow and develope.

Yet, every good experience has its yang and during one match of the finals last Saturday it was a parent, one of those always yelling, never thinking, emotional and not in touch with any reality one can put a finger-let alone a rational thought on-kinds of parents screaming about the injustice of the authority at hand, the Referees. It was embarassing. And, if the son had not been so involved in the wrestling match getting his provebial whipped by a clearly finer athlete he might have been embarassed as much as those around in the stands.

What impressed me so clearly is that the facts did not matter to this Dad. The fact that the other wrestler was light years ahead of his Son had no impact that all of the things this Dad was yelling were just not true. The referee was doing a good job. It was his son that was creating a significant "vacuum" in the gym. But that simply did not matter.

In the last several days I have been struck with the goofiness of the liberal press. "Dick Cheney should resign", why because there was a hunting accident. Never the mind that the man shot broke several hunting commandments that are prescribed to avoid exactly such results. And never the mind that the family of said man took the responsibility to share the story in Corpus Christi and not Washington D.C. The outcries of "fowl" play are loud.

The outrageous behavior of this "Wrestling Father" and so many liberals are born of the same irrational and emotionally over the top responses. David Gregory, a White House reporter for NBC, acted childish concerning the whole affair. What is that about? Little League and or wrestling parents and the top echelon of the White House press media should never be linked in the same thought. But sadly that is not true. These folks dislike Bush, Cheney and Republicans so much they are no longer ever close to being unbiased. It is one thing to be an emotionally out of control parent who son is wrestling for the chance to go to State Finals and it another thing to hold up the standard of the press core and to do the same. Both just TOO goofy for me!!


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I respect some of your views and even agree with a few. We may see stuff differntly on some issue, but I respect your opinions. You have a good way of presenting what you think. I enjoy the next update. Maybe with school ending you can get a chance to do a little more updating.

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